$7990* for a premium installed 10kW solar power system (actually producing 11kW's!), which includes the choice of a 3 Phase Fronius or SMA Inverter!

Suitable for business or large, power-hungry households and those seeking the best quality; depending upon usage this package will save approximately $4000.00 per year from your current electricity account.
ROI (return on investment) on this system is estimated to be 2.25 years!

*Terms of pricing and installation

This is a Premium 10kW solar package. Each of the individual elements (panels, inverter, installation) are ranked as the best quality.

What's Included:

40 x 275 watt (11kW) Tier 1 Talesun brand panels.
Fronius IG Plus 120 V-3 inverter

or the option of:

SMA Sunny Tripower inverter

Package Details

What will it provide?

This system will provide you with over 44kW hours per day. This is generally considered enough for a small business or large, power-hungry household.
For Regional areas we can use a local Clean Energy Council Certified electrician, some delivery costs may be incurred for longer distances.


25 year Efficency warranty

10kW Premium Solar Package with a Fronius or SMA inverter

5 year Inverter warranty

10kW Premium Solar Package with a Fronius or SMA inverter

Be wary, the phrase Tier 1 is a concept used deceptively in the Solar Industry.

To find out more about which companies are Tier 1 providers, see out explanation here.

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For further information, please either contact Dollar Solar, or see our FAQ section.

Prices are out of pocket assuming standard installation and site, organised and payable directly to nominated CEC accredited local installer.

We support local installers, including in Country / Regional or remote areas

*Priced on single story, pitched tile roof, standard installation and site.

if outside Metropolitan capital cities transport costs are additional and there is an additional charge for installation to two-storey buildings or buildings with irregular roofs.

Please call 1800 75 65 44 or use our contact Dollar Solar enquiry form for a complete, no obligation quote.

  • 10kW Premium Solar Package
  • $7990*
  • 44kW Average Daily Output
  • 40 x 275 watt (11kW) Tier 1 Talesun brand panels.
  • 10 kW Fronius (3 Phase) or SMA inverter
  • Quality panels and inverter
  • Clean Energy Accredited
  • Extended Warranties
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