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Feb 8, 2019
We have recently taken flak, some deserved for our post about Fronius' lack of Customer/Consumer support. We weren’t clear in our message. Our issue is not with suppor...
Jan 31, 2019
The biggest issue for our Industry has been Inverter suppliers and their support or lack there of, we believe some of the poorest experiences are with the Major three Brands. ...
Jan 31, 2019
First up thanks to all our loyal customers, the past seven years have just flown by! What to Look for in Purchasing Solar We believe the provenance of materials and nat...
Feb 9, 2018
Dollar Solar is delighted to be an appointed Dealer for OpalStorage. We believe the OpalStorage system to be the most viable Solar Storage system on the market. This is an...
Jan 19, 2018
Dollar Solar is very pleased to announce our new 10kW, Three-phase Hybrid solar system package. At only $9990.00, the package includes installation, the new X-Hybrid inverter f...
Nov 1, 2017
Both fortunately and unfortunately, we will be changing our 5kW solar system inverter supplier from Sungrow to GoodWe. Fortunately, because we consider the GoodWe 5kW inve...


  • 5kW Solar System Package
  • $2990*
  • 21.2kW Average Daily Output
  • 20 x 275 watt Tier 1 ET PV panels
  • 5kW GoodWe WiFi​ inverter with 5 year warranty
  • Quality panels and inverter
  • Extended Warranties
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